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A fund-raising project of the Chai Centre Canada.

COVID-19 Testing

Current Pricing

                          Antigen Testing

  • First time client – $35
  • Returning  client – $30
  • Returning client mobile – no charge
  • All P.C.R. tests – $75

Welcome to the Chai Centre Canada for all your COVID-19 testing requirements.

  • Pre-register your information with us.
  • Your appointment takes less than a minute.
  • You can request a charitable tax receipt for amounts over $36 per test.

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Travel to Israel
May 19, 2022 UPDATE!

From the Chaim V’Chesed website:

Updated May 19, 2022 10:12 AM IST

PLEASE NOTE: As of midnight on May 21, (the night between Friday and Saturday) Covid tests will not be required for entry into Israel. This means that there will be no requirements at the airport of origin, or upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. This relates to all passengers, regardless of nationality and vaccination status.

It should be noted that all passengers are still required to complete the online Health Declaration within 48 hours of departure to Israel.

Beginning at midnight on May 23 (the night between Sunday and Monday), masks will no longer be required on flights to or from Israel.

For the latest information on travel requirements to Israel, click here to be directed to the Chaim V’Chesed website.

A fund-raising project of the Chai Centre Canada.