Challah Bake 2022

  • Come join us on Thursday November 17 at 7:30 pm for an exciting Challah Bake program.
  • The program will be lead by Rebbetzin Gail Mechalowitz and will take just over an hour.
  • Come and learn why baking Challah is so special for Jewish women.
  • Bring your mixing spoon, wet/dry measuring cups and spoons and we will provide ALL the rest you need.
  • Cost is $18 for current members and $36 for guests, and can be paid at the door.
  • Open to men and women.
  • Location: Village Shul 1072 Eglinton Ave W.
  • Looking forward to greeting you personally!

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Some pictures of our Challah Bake 2022

Tracey says: My very first homemade challot EVER! B”H. What a fun evening and hope we can do it again and more can join us.
Karen's Challah
Jennifer says: Hot! And Fresh out of the oven! Shabbat Shalom everyone!
Rebbetzin Bayla says: Some are for tonight but I'm saving some for the Shabbaton!