Classes are sponsored in memory of:
Jessica Klein OB"M

Current Class Schedule

* Please note that almost all classes are also available on Zoom.
* When entering a class, you will be placed in a "waiting room" until the Host gives you entry.
* If it is your first time joining, please identify yourself to the Host in advance.
* Classes indicated as "OPEN" are open to the public and are based on Torah and Judaism.
* Classes indicated as "CLOSED" are specifically intended to those who qualify for the subject.
* All classes are weekly and approximately one hour, unless otherwise noted.
* Class schedules may vary based on circumstances such as Jewish holidays.

Sunday 10:15am

Pirkei Avos

This “OPEN”  weekly class will help one have a better understanding of one’s self and how to develop better character traits. Every week we delve into another Mishna  and explore its meaning.

There is usually a breakfast at 9:50am.

This meeting is for men and women.

Judaism Through the Year (currently suspended)

This “OPEN”  weekly class, by Rabbi Shmuli,  will delve into the Chumash as well as various topics that come up throughout the calendar year.

Currently, the topic will be The Haggadah of Pesach.

This meeting is for men and women and is 45 minutes in length.

Schmoozing with the Rabbi

This “OPEN”  meeting is  your opportunity to just spend some time schmoozing with our  Rabbi, about whatever is on your mind. Ast there is no agenda, it is a perfect time to get to know our Rabbi. 

This meeting is for men and women.


Souls of Serenity

Jessica Klein OB”M – Chai Women Sisterhood

This “CLOSED”  meeting is a women’s only meeting designed as a safe and empowering place to share feelings and experiences in a supportive environment.

This meeting is for women only.

Monday 7:30pm

Men’s Meeting

This “CLOSED”   class is specifically for those who are searching for recovery through a 12-Step model. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is studied in detail with class participation.

This meeting is only available LIVE. For more information on the location, please contact the Rabbi.

This meeting is for men only.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Ask The Rabbi

This “OPEN”  class is an opportunity to ask a Rabbi on any topic or subject matter. Judaism teaches us that everything comes from the Torah, so there is no question that is off-limits. If the Rabbi doesn’t know the answer, then it’s his responsibility to find out.


This meeting is for men and women.

Wednesday 7:30pm

A Spiritual Awakening

This “CLOSED”  meeting is based on bridging the gap between Torah and the 12 Steps of AA. The meeting begins with a lesson from the Torah and how it correlates to recovery from addiction, followed by an open share.


This meeting is for men and women.

Thursday 12 noon

Souls of Serenity

Jessica Klein OB”M – Chai Women Sisterhood

This is a “CLOSED” meeting.

This meeting is the same as on Monday but only meets on the first and third Thursday of every month. Please refer to the calendar above.

This meeting is for women only.

Thursday 7:30pm

The Path of the Just – מסילת ישרים

This “OPEN”  weekly class is based on the teachings of the RAMCHAL – Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707-1746). This particular work, The Path of the Just, will help one develop a much better “sense of self” and help improve on character development.


This meeting is for men and women.

Guard Your Tongue

This “OPEN”  class is all about the importance of speech. It is easy to take words for granted. This class aims to help recognize the sensitivities in speech that are sometimes lacking.


This meeting is for men and women and is approximately 20 minutes.

Friday -

               approx. 30 minutes before candlelighting in Toronto.

Please refer to the https://chaicentre.ca/candlelighting/ for weekly timing.

Candlelighting Club

The special Mitzvah of lighting candles for Shabbos brings peace into one’s home. This is one of the 3 special commandments given specifically to women. But it  has to be done at the correct time. 

This class will be words of inspiration just before the onset of Shabbos and will end 5 minutes before the proper time to light candles so that everyone will be connected through this special Mitzvah.

For women only (or men who also need to light candles).

This class is given by Mrs. Elana Soroka.

Saturday 9pm

Families of Holocaust Survivors (FOHS)

This “CLOSED” meeting is held weekly during the winter months. The goal of the meeting is for children of Holocaust survivors to learn how to best share their personal stories of the Holocaust so that the memories will not be forgotten.

This meeting is for family members of Holocaust survivors.