Halacha – Sifiras Ha’omer

  • Some people’s Minhag is not to say Shechayonu during S’fira (some say it on new fruits but not on clothes).
  • Those that have the Minhag not to say Shechayonu in the S’fira do not wear new clothes that you say on them Shechayonu, however you may buy them.
  • You may buy and wear clothes that you do not say Shechayonu on them (sweaters etc…).
  • Some have the Minhag not to wear new clothes even if you do not say Shechayonu on them (for example shoes).
  • You may say Shechayonu on new clothes on Shabbos.
  • Everyone holds you may buy and wear new socks, tights and underwear.
  • S’firas H’Omer is a Mitzvas Aseh S’Hazman G’romo (a time-sensitive Mitzvah, it is done at a specific time) and women are not obligated to keep it.
  • However, many do count Sfira as they do other Mitzvos that are time-sensitive even though they are not obligated to, for example shaking Lulav. 
  • Women may only count with a Brocho if they are sure that they will remember to count the entire Sfira.
  • If it is likely that they may forget to count one day, they should count without a Brocha.

The Isur (prohibition) to listen to music in S’fira is only if you are listening to it for pleasure.

You are permitted to hear/listen if it is not for pleasure.

Therefore, in the following circumstances you may listen to music,

·         Someone who is hospital or is unwell and they need music to relax or to stay calm.

·         You are travelling and need music to stay awake.

·         You need background music to help you concentrate while you work.

·         To help you exercise.