Tzom Gedaliah

·         If one is unwell or elderly, and fasting can be detrimental to their health (even slightly), they should not fast.  
·         Women who are pregnant or nursing do not need to fast.
·         Those who will not be fasting for any of the above reasons, may eat first thing in the morning and do not need to fast until Chatzos.
·         Those who will not be fasting, should only eat what they need to. You should not eat cake, chocolate etc.
·         You may have a shower.
·         If you are very uncomfortable, you may brush your teeth without water or use mouthwash.
·         You may eat in the morning before Alos Hashachar  if they had in mind to do so before going to sleep.
·         You may drink in the morning before Alos, even if you did not have in mind before you went to sleep.

For 2021 – In Toronto you may eat till 5:22am-Rabbi Miller Shlita (some hold till 5:38am [72min before sunrise])