Pesach Sheni

What is Pesach Sheni

  • The fourteenth of Iyar, which is the second month, is called “Pesach Sheni”, since when the Temple stood, all those who could not bring their Paschal sacrifice in the original appointed time in the first month of Nissan, were given a second opportunity to bring it in this second month of Iyar.
  • The fourteenth day of Iyar is not a festival day. Nevertheless, since when the Temple stood it was a day of rejoicing to those who fulfilled the Mitzvah, Tachanun is not said. 



·         The Pesach Sheni was brought on the 14th of Iyar in the afternoon and eaten the night of the 15th.

·         Some people have a custom (Minhag) to eat matzo on Pesach Sheni during the day.

·         Some also eat Matzo the night of the 15th because that is when Pesach Sheni was eaten.

·         Some do not eat roasted lamb on the night of the 15th.