Shavuos 2021

Shavuos 2021

Special Pre-Shavuos Zoom Get-Together – 6:45

  • Rabbi Shmuli Soroka
  • Mrs. Elana Soroka
  • Herb Waters
  • Rabbi Heshi

May 16
May 17
May 18
(Yom Tov ends)
Montreal 8:01 9:06 9:07
New York 7:49 8:53 8:54
Toronto 8:19 9:23 9:24

Yizkor / יזכור

Yizkor should be said on Tuesday May 18.
You can light a Yizkor candle on Monday night
after the you light your Yom Tov candles (times are listes above),
as long as you have an existing flame to light from.
For example,  a gas stove lit from before Yom Tov,
or, you can use a 48 hour candle lit from before Yom Tov.