Welcome to the Chai Centre!

It is with an abundance of gratitude to G-d that we introduce you and your family to The Chai Centre. The goal of The Chai Centre is to bring Jews of all backgrounds to a community-like atmosphere where we can all grow together.

It is about bringing Judaism to life!

It is about having a place to call your second home, a place where you feel free to spend time learning and growing.

It is about Jewish education; understanding what Judaism is really all about, not just a list of rituals.

It is about community, where people can feel safe, comfortable and not judged by anyone else’s standards.

It is about igniting a passion towards a connection with G-d.

It is about understanding what it means to be a Jew and what G-d wants from us.

It is about sharing in the good times as well as the difficult times, but where we understand that a problem shared becomes half a problem.

It’s about the High Holidays like never before!


Rabbi Heshi Kuhnreich



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